Russ Megowan


11864740_966314380095979_386638322454198247_oRuss manages headphone rentals, bookings, and marketing materials. He also is the purveyor of crazy ideas to bring silent disco to places people have never dreamed of throwing a party.

In his spare time, Russ is also a prolific DJ/Producer under the moniker Megowan.
Megowan’s Soundcloud



Troy Enns

Bay Area Branch Manager

© Neuromo Photography 2015Troy Enns joined our team in 2014 and is responsible for ensuring the company’s most valuable assets are kept in order as well as managing event staff.

Photo: © Neuromo Photography 2015




Devin Kroes

Resident DJ

12003201_1208825062466170_1502251137361349235_nDevin Kroes is an electronic music producer based in Oakland, CA. He began his musical training at the age of five, taking on every instrument he could get his hands on. After being introduced to electronic music production, he shifted his focus to creating melodically driven bass music that uplifts the soul and enlightens the mind. Fusing bubbling bass with rich soundscapes and lush melodies he seeks to break free from the traditional ideas of genre and transport listeners into another dimension. In his time as a producer, Devin Kroes has released music with a variety of labels, including Street Ritual, Muti Music, Sony Music India, Mallabel, Massive Ideas, and Chillage Records. One of his tracks was featured on the soundtrack for the third episode of The Bloom Series, New Ways of the Sacred, a documentary series on transformational festivals. He has shared lineups with many of the hard hitters of the bass music scene, including Govinda, G Jones, Ill Gates, Mumukshu, WALA, Andreilien, The Human Experience, and many others. Keep on the lookout for this up and comer as he continues to push his sound around the globe!