ZEROdB is a full service audio solutions company that transcends the bureaucracies of noise ordinance laws and pesky neighbors. Instead of using a traditional speaker system, we utilize our custom designed wireless headphone system to provide an experience that provides top-notch sound for any kind of event and any location.

We currently have 240 3 channel headphones and 150 2 channel headphones; allowing for one, two, or three silent stages with a throw range of 500 meters!

We also have a team of engineers and event staff that will ensure your event runs smoothly with high quality sound.


Silent disco environments are ideal for networking events where the focus is on meeting people and making connections, whether it’s a powerpoint presentation, nightclub event, or a renegade-style event in the park.

With our three channel headphones, it’s possible to have three audio sources reach audience members instantly. LEDs on the headphones let you know what channel others around you are listening to without having to ask!

They’re great for eliminating sound bleed issues that can ruin an entire event. Instead of trying to reconcile three music stages or keynote presentations, listeners can choose to focus on whichever they choose to with the flip of a switch.

Types of Events

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